Can recycled concrete outperform traditional concrete?

After a five-year study, it appears that recycled concrete can outperform or even surpass conventional concrete in a majority of uses. Researchers at The University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan’s School of Engineering performed a side-by-side study of traditional concrete with recycled material in two typical applications. One is building foundations, and the other being a city sidewalk. When the results came in, the recycled product had the same strength and durability as the traditional concrete product after five years. 

That is a pretty impressive statistic, especially in a world constantly looking for increased sustainability in all areas of our lives and businesses. At this point, several countries have already replaced recycled concrete for all structural applications with the hope that all nations will soon convert.

The fact is, construction and demolition waste make up 40% of the total world’s waste amounting to 9 million metric tons per year.

Researchers tested the durability and strength of recycled concrete and compared them to conventional products. Concrete is made from coarse aggregates bonded together with a sticky paste; recycled concrete replaces the original material and produces the new cement.

Production of recycled concrete gives that product additional versatility and flexibility. The typical use for recycled products is retaining walls, sidewalks, and roadways while shifting towards increased structures.

The long-term performance indicates no difference in the reliability or stability of the recycled products compared to traditional concrete making the recycled product a viable and sustainable option for your construction needs.

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